Please Help: Am I still a V!RGIN?


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am 17 and having a problem. I have a boyfriend who is 19. One day he asked me for se_x.

I asked him if he had a c0ndom and he said no. He couldn't get one because of where we were so we did not have se_x. He started to ki_ss me and the more he ki_ssed me, the more I enjoyed it. He also fingered me and I started to feel pain. I told him but he could not stop. He told me what I should do with his pen_is and he ejacu_lated in my hands.

When he was finished fingering me, I saw a little blood. Aunty, did I lose my virgi_nity?

Can fingering a girl cause her to lose her virgi_nity?

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