My mother hates my wife and it really bothers me


I am a 35-year-old man married to a wonderful woman. We have three children. In my 9-year marriage, I have had several conflicts with my parents and siblings, who have developed great hatred for my wife. My mother has never had a good word to say about my wife, and uses every opportunity to bad-mouth and gossip about her.

She has succeeded to make everyone believe that my wife is a very bad person. She often complains that she prevents me from financially assisting them, which is not the case since I have provided lots of support to them in the past despite the difficult economic situation I am in.

On many occasions, I have had to step in and tell my mother to stop meddling in my marriage. As all this happens, my father is usually silent by my mother’s side as if he agrees with her. My Parents pretend to love me yet treat my family like garbage in my absence.

This has strained my relationship with my parents and siblings as I seek to shield my wife from them. I live with my family in Gweru while my parents live in the capital. I have missed several family get-togethers as a result of this never-ending conflict, which is causing me a lot of distress.

I have even sent a respected person to my parents to convey my feelings but they have refused to change their attitude. I know they want to break up my family, something I will never allow. How does one handle such conflict? I am looking forward to your view on this.

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