I want to stop mastur_bating but I can't


I was 12 years old when I first learnt I how to mastur_bate. I liked the sensation and have kept doing it since then.

In my teens, regardless of whether I had girlfriends or not, when I was alone at night I would always mastur_bate.

One day, I read an article about it in a magazine and really got shocked and I stopped doing it for about a week, but then I did it again. I am unable to control myself. I can’t talk about it to anyone as it is so embarrassing. I always try to control it, but I fail.

I am now 27 years old and highly addicted to masturbati0n. This morning I mastur_bated for 2 hours. Even if I have to be somewhere important, I'll postpone it in favour of continuing a session of masturbati0n.

I want to stop this destructive behavior. Only trouble is I like it while I am doing it, and the urge to do it is stronger than the urge to do something else. But when I eja_culate I feel bored and guilty. I observed that it affects my life a lot; I can't focus on my goals in life. I’ve prayed about stopping, but it just can't.

I need a permanent solution for this situation. Is there any medicine I can use? If yes, what is its name and how much does it cost?

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