I found cond0ms in my 14-year-old son's bedroom. What should I do?


I’ve found cond0ms in my 14-year-old son’s bedroom and I don’t know what to do. I have three teenage children of whom he is the youngest, and he’s had a girlfriend for about six months.

She’s a lovely girl and they seem very happy together and I know her parents because they’ve been at school together for years.

She’s also 14.

Recently I was doing his washing and I found a small bit of torn off cond0m wrapper in his back pocket.

He was out for the day so I’m ashamed to say I looked in his bedroom and I found a box of cond0ms in his bedside drawer that had been opened with half of them missing.

Now I don’t know what I should do. Obviously they’re underage but I don’t want to cause a fuss, or embarrass him or admit I’ve been in his bedroom.

But I do want to speak to him about it because I feel that’s the responsible thing to do. I’ve spoken to my husband who says we should just leave them to it and pointed out to me that we were doing the same thing at their age (we met when we were at school, too).

What do you think?

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