Help! My husband supports revolutionary party, I think I married the wrong man


Dear Aunty Lisa

My husband and I have VERY different views on anything vaguely resembling politics. I support MDC Alliance and he's a staunch supporter of Zanu PF.

We have a hard time finding middle ground and every discussion ends up with us frustrated and angry.

The weird thing is, I have no problem discussing politics with friends of opposing viewpoints.

I find it to be an engaging intellectual exercise. But with him, it just kills me. And I know he doesn’t talk down to his friends in these kind of discussions, but with me he does.

He gets strident and I get defensive and kinda crazy, and end up thinking I married the wrong man.

I find his views repulsive. I just can’t get past this and can’t help to think this reveals something about my husband’s character that I didn’t know.

How do I get past this? Or do I need to get past it?

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