Should I tell my boyfriend that I'm a single mom? I'm confused


I met a guy while studying for my my Diploma at Harare Poly about eight months ago, and we have been casually talking when we see each other in class.

Recently there has been some flir_ting going on, and we have even met up for drinks with friends a couple of times.

I'm starting to have a little crush on him, but I have a child and I don't know how to tell him that. He hasn't asked me anything about my family or if I had children.

I haven't told him yet because it was always a casual conversation, but now that things are starting to take a new direction, I feel like I should. But I am afraid if I open up to him about my kid, he will leave me. I don't want to lose him.

I am just really confused. Should I tell him? If so then how?

Any advice?

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