Should I tell my boyfriend that I'm not a V!RGIN?


Dear Aunty Lisa

I've been with my boyfriend for 3 months now & we've really fallen for each other.

He is the sweetest & most amazing guy I've ever been with & we are really happy with each other.

He is a virg_in & the thing is, he doesn't really know that I am not a virg_in. I made a mistake when I was younger & I really regret it.

I am now 21 & he is now 24. I feel that he thinks that I am, when I am really not. I haven't told him I'm not a virg_in but I have not told him that I am one either. It's just sort of something that really hasn't been fully discussed.

He is always telling me how he loves me so much & how I mean the world to him and that just makes me feel even more guilty. I worry that if I tell him he will leave me because of this.

I really do love him but I'm stuck in the middle.

Source — Zambia News24

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