My mother hates my boyfriend because his family is poor — Help


Hello Aunty Lisa

My mother is a huge ‘boyfriend needs to be rich’ type of person and because my boyfriend comes from a poor family she completely disproves of my relationship.

She always nags me about how this relationship is bad for me, well he might not come from a poor family but thats not his fault, hes going to college now and planning to be a mechanic.

He is very smart and kind and always treats me like a princess, and he does have a part time job and although he isn’t rich whatever money he does get he always spends it on me and is never selfish with it, but my mother just cannot see that.

All she cares about is how he’s poor and every time he comes over she always gives him this look and attitude like hes trash.Is my mom just wanting the best for me or is she being unreasonable?

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How can I convince her to give him a chance because she doesn’t even bother to get to know him?

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