My dilemma with a married female friend who wants to sleep with me


Dear Aunty Lisa

She got married 2015 to her supposed beloved husband, but recently she has being all over my life.

She has always been my friend, and we once had friendly inti_macy most times. But when she got married, I had to distance myself from her. Recently, she has being calling, and trying to fix a get together meeting between us.

The disturbance was so much, I had to create out sometime to see her. She told me that, her husband couldn’t function properly and they have done various medical evaluations, and realized that she could not produce babies, because her husband has a medical problem.

I gave her my humble advice, and told her to hope on God for the right time.

Okay!. So she told me that, we should resume our friendly inti_macy, just the way it used to be back in the days. She said, deep inside her, she couldn’t seek for a better person, other than me.

I rebuked the idea instantly, but she kept on persisting that I should please consider her lonely request. She really needs to feel like a woman.

Good aunt, what should i do? She is married, and I don’t wish to have anything to do with her. But her constant plea is getting me provoked.

What are your suggestions?

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