I never knew my husband had another family, until he died — Help


Dear Aunty Lisa

I have been married to my husband for eight years with two children. But all these years, I never knew I was living with a deceiver and a chronic liar until he died two months ago and we all had to go for the burial.

It was in the process of the funeral activities that I got to realise that my husband had been married another woman who had six older children for him and he hid the fact from all the time we were married.

Now the first family, with the connivance of my in-laws, are hell bent on taking everything my late husband left behind, not minding that he had other children. Even his family members who were so nice to me when he was alive, are taking side with the other family.

Now problem is how to handle the matter. I have lodged a complaint with the police but they say since it is a family matter, they have no right to intervene while the village elders are absolutely with the first family, saying those other children are his heirs.

I am am at a loss.

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