My husband impre_gnated my best friend — Help


Hello Aunty Lisa

I have a serious issue that is threatening to tear my marriage apart and I need advice fast before I do something silly.

I have been married for three years now, though I am still praying for a fruit of the womb. I thought I had a happy marriage till I realised that I have been living in a fool’s paradise. The issue now is that my best friend is currently pre_gnant for my husband.

I have been friends with Shupi from childhood and we were so close that people thought we were actually sisters. We went to the same secondary school and were only separated during our university days but we kept in touch regularly.

After graduation, I moved to Harare from our Gweru base and few years later, I got married. All her life, Shupi found it difficult to keep a steady relationship, something that gave her family and close friends cause for concern. Within eight years, she had married two times and broke up with the husbands; it was that bad.

Last year, she got a job offer in Harare and naturally, she had to stay with us before she could get a place to stay. I was so happy to have her live with us as we continued our closeness and I was even happier when she and my husband hit it off right from the first; little did I know there was something else brewing.

Their closeness grew and at a time, I became suspicious and told my husband I was no longer comfortable with it but he swore he was only being nice to her. But just six months ago, I noticed Shupi was becoming fatter, lazy and throwing up all the time.

She assured me she was just suffering from malaria and would soon be okay. But the cast was removed from my eyes when my husband confessed that Shupi was actually pre_gnant for him and he intended for her to have the baby. He said since I am yet to bear a child for him and his family are in support of Shupi keeping the baby.

At the moment, I am at a cross road and I do not know what to do. Is it wrong to help a friend? Why should my husband and best friend treat me this way?

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