‘I slept with a bank director to get my husband a job, now he wants to kick me out of the house’


Dear Aunty Lisa

My name is Grace and I have been married for twelve years. The marriage is blessed with two kids after losing one, but at the moment, all is not well because my husband, Simba, wants to send me out of his house because of what I did three years ago.

What I did, though despicable and quite condemnable, was done for the good of my husband and family but it has turned to be my undoing now and if care is not taken, I will be thrown into the streets.

When we got married, Simba worked with an oil company and things were rosy for us. When our children came, we gave them the best and Simba refused to allow me work because he said he wanted me to give them adequate attention as he was always travelling.

But six years into our marriage, he lost his job and we were evicted from our duplex in Glen Lorne in Harare. We moved to a two-bedroom flat in Highfield but a year later, the landlord sent us packing as we could not pay rent.

Things went from bad to worse and we were practically living from hand to mouth. We became beggars as Simba’s attempts to get another job were always met with disappointment anywhere he went.

I resorted to selling some of my personal effects so as to have what we could eat. It got so bad that even his friends got tired of us always running to them for help.

The turning point came when we lost our last child because we could not afford his medical bills. I vowed to do anything to help get us out of the poverty we had been subjected to.

I remembered an old school mate, Sibusiso, who was now a top director in a big bank and went to meet him.

I pleaded with Sibusiso to help get my husband a job and he promised to help but on the condition that he must sleep with me.

That day, I stormed out of his office and vowed never to cheapen myself. But a month later, I had to go back to Sibusiso when my second child was diagnosed of cerebral malaria. I was crying bitterly and Sibusiso, in the guise of console me, took advantage of me and had sex with me right in his office.

After that, he gave me a note to his hospital and a huge sum of money to treat my son. A week later, he called me and said my husband should come and see him with his CV.

Just like that, Simba was employed in the bank as a marketing and PR manager, with all the perks of his new office.

Within a short while, things picked up for us and we moved to a three bedroom flat. Simba got a loan and bought land where we started building our house.

But out of the blues, he came back home two months ago to accuse me of sleeping with Sibusiso. I would never know how he got to know but out of guilt, I opened up and told him everything that transpired but he would not believe that I did it for him and the family.

That day, he beat me black and blue and sent me out of the house. I have been begging him since then and I have sent emissaries to him but he has vowed never to take me back as well as making sure he kills Sibusiso.

What can I do in this situation?


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