ADVICE: Should I tell my boyfriend that I’m not a virgin?


Hello Aunty Lisa

I recently got engaged to a boy after being introduced to him six months ago.

Our parents know each other and thought we would make a great match. We went out a few times and got along, so we decided to get married.

I really like my boyfriend a lot and think he likes me too. We have had a lot of conversations about our marriage, likes and dislikes, what we hope from each othim and how we intend to make this work.

The thing is, he thinks I’m a virgin, but I lost my virginity to an ex-boyfriend two years ago. My boyfriend asked me about my past, and I lied, because I know he’s a virgin and assumed he would want to marry a virgin too.

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I want to tell him the truth, but don’t know if this will cause him to end our engagement. I don’t want it to end just because of something I believe is unimportant, but I don’t want to start our marriage on the basis of a lie either.

What should I do?

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