My boyfriend wants me to dump my husband and move in with him — Help!


Dear Aunty Lisa

I’m 35 and my husband is 39. We’ve been married for 15 years. We have a nice lifestyle, get on pretty well and neither of us wanted children.

I don’t think he’d ever dream of cheating on me but I get bored in the evenings. My husband just dozes in front of the telly so I sit at my laptop to see who’s around.

There are so many websites, chatrooms and people out there. I chat to new guys every night and I really enjoy it.

I know this is wrong but I still do it night after night.

My husband was back late from work one night last month, too late for the dinner I’d cooked and he’d not even phoned.

When I said he should then take me out for a meal to make up he told me: “Grow up and don’t act like a child.” I felt really hurt and later that night I got back online.

I soon found a nice, friendly guy who was keen to meet up.

We fixed up a date for the following night and I told my husband I was meeting a friend and met up with the guy in a bar.

We had a few drinks and got on really well. The following weekend I saw him again. It made me feel good to be wanted again.

His flat was nearby so he invited me back for a coffee.

He kissed me and then we had really good sex before I called a cab. He is so gifted. I really enjoyed his circumcised dick.

He’s only 29 and says he wants me to dump my good for nothing husband and move in with him. What should I do?

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