PLEASE HELP: My wife doesn’t respect me. What should I do?


Hello Aunty Lisa

I am ardent reader of your column, you make my days.

I am 31-years-old, and my wife and I, who is 28, have been married for a year-and-a-half. We have been blessed with a beautiful daughter, who is six months old.

Before we got married, we were good friends, since we had known each other for close to five years. I thought this was the best foundation for our marriage, but I was wrong.

When we started living together, I realised that my wife is too bossy. She at times shouts at me, and her outbursts have no limits.

She even does it in public. I am a very calm guy and have learnt to control myself during these outbursts.

I don’t intend to resort to violence in any way because I’m a staunch Christian and believe that violence solves nothing.

How can I learn to continue loving my wife even when am being provoked to wrath?

Secondly, she’s never satisfied with my efforts to provide for her and our daughter, yet I am the only one working.

I am struggling, and at times, I am left with nothing, to ensure that we have everything we need.

Since we now have a small baby, she insists that we move to a bigger house, yet she knows very well that I cannot afford to do that on my current salary.

We have talked over the same matter several times, but it seems she does not approve of, or accept, the conclusion.

What do I do about this? I really long for a home that is a small heaven on earth.

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