PLEASE HELP: My girlfriend called me ‘Brian’ while we were having sex


Dear Aunty Lisa

I have a concern. I was having sex one night with my girlfriend. We are together for one year and eight months. I am sending her to school. She goes to evening classes. We are living together. I took her out of the ghetto. She is a pretty girl. When I met her she had just a few pieces of clothes. Every week I bought her either a pants or a dress. She has lots of clothes now.

I don’t watch her. During the day she is at home, she goes to school at 4 o’clock in the evening and classes end at 8 p.m. When I come home, I cook. Sometimes I even wash. On Saturdays I help to clean. When she came here to live, the people in the yard said that I am a good man because I help my girlfriend. I don’t know her to have another man with me, but now I am wondering what is going on.

We were having fun one night, and while we were doing it, she said: “Oh Brian, you are doing it so sweet.” I was shocked because that is not my name. I did not ask her who she was talking about, but I was shocked. I stopped and started again without saying anything. It took a whole week to go back to her although I talk to her and sleep on the same bed with her. At work, I kept wondering who this Brian was.

One Saturday morning, she wanted me to make love to her, so I asked her who is that person, and she said she did not know what I was talking about. I told her what she said while we were having sex. And she denied it.

Aunty, I know what I heard, and I just want her to come clean.

What should I do?

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