I impregnated my married lover. Should I tell her husband?


I HAD a passionate affair with a woman who lives over the road, even though she is married and I have a long-term girlfriend.

Now she is having my baby and wants me to have nothing to do with it.

She is 37 and I am 30. It all began with her waving to me out of her front window when I came home from work.

One evening she noticed I had been looking miserable for a week or two and came out to have a chat.

She said she was worried about me and I was really touched.

My girlfriend and I had been rowing for a long time, my job wasn’t going well and I was overtired after a heavy cold.

I hadn’t had a break for more than a year and holidays were one of the things my girlfriend and I argued about.

She kept coming up with ideas I thought were all too expensive and we couldn’t agree on anything. Our sex life had gone downhill, too. To have an understanding and sympathetic woman caring about me was wonderful.

We started having sex at her place whenever we could — usually when my girlfriend went to the gym or her exercise class and my lover’s husband was working late.

Eventually the inevitable happened and she got pregnant.

She told me as soon as she found out and confirmed the baby is mine. She also told me she’s keeping the child but doesn’t want me to be involved.

At first I was shocked but now I have got used to the idea I am desperate to be a father to my child. I told her this but she says I was just “a sperm donor”.

She is now planning to move house — with her husband — and says that she doesn’t want any complications.

I feel sure she’s going to tell him it is his baby and I am gutted. Should I tell her husband about it?

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