My late husband’s best friend wants to marry me. What should I do?


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am 35 and I don’t have much of a family. I have one sister and we do not get along. She is miserable and selfish.

We hardly talk to each other. After my husband died I was living alone. My sister’s husband came to see me one weekend and he asked me for sex and I told him he was out of order.

I told my sister about it and when she asked him, he said that I am a wicked woman and I want to break them up and that is why I told her that. He said that I offered myself to him.

My husband and I did not have children. We worked hard and we built ourselves a three-bedroom house. I took a girl to live with me but she became out of order so I sent her back to her parents.

At 16, all she was interested in was men. She did not even want to go to church and I am a church person.

Aunty, a lonely life is not good and that is why I am writing to you because my husband had a good friend and he became my friend too. He is 47 years old.

His wife has died. He is a respectable man and he is living in the South Africa. He has one son. This man wants to marry me. I did not know that I could feel love for another man apart from my husband. But I am feeling it for this man.

He came to Zimbabwe and stayed with me and we had a good time together. I do not want to live in South Africa. I can’t deal with the cruel people there, he is in Durban KwaZulu Natal.

He said that I don’t have to live up there but we can still get married because in three years, he is planning to retire and he will come to live in Zimbabwe.

He has a house in Harare that needs some repairs. When he comes to Zimbabwe we would have to make up our minds where we would live. I love my house.

He can come here to live with me and rent out his. I don’t want him to come back here and spend a long period without us getting married because people will talk. I would like you to marry us.

Aunty, what do you think?

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