I lost my virginity to my husband but I didn’t bleed — Help


Dear Aunty Lisa

I need some help with some questions. I have been married for 8 months now.

I lost my virginity to my husband but to my surprise I didn’t bleed.

He is the one I had sex for the first time with, I didn’t experience a lot of pain and I also didn’t see any blood down there, so I was wondering, um, what’s wrong?

Wasn’t I supposed to see some blood since it was my first time? I didn’t even get that aroused… I don’t know even know if I had an orgasm. Is something wrong with me?

I was used to pleasuring myself with my fingers before, maybe that’s why I didn’t bleed, I don’t know.

The fact that I kept myself for my husband all these years and he doesn’t even believe me hurts so bad. How do I get over this and not let it hurt me so much?

I am very worried.

— MyZimbabwe

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