Why didn’t I bleed when I had sex for the first time?


Hi Aunty Lisa

This site is amazing. I’ve followed many of the articles here and they’ve helped me a lot throughout my questioning days.

But now, I’ve heard a lot about women’s hymens being the maker and/or breaker of their virginity but in my case it wasn’t.

I lost my virginity to my boyfriend of 2 years a few days ago, and I didn’t bleed like my friends told me I would. I had the tiniest spot of blood on my panties when I got home that night.

My boyfriend is trying to question if I was a virgin or not to begin with, my friends are trying to say I must have had sex before.

Now my boyfriend is starting to feel bad because he doesn’t feel like he was “big” enough to break my virginity. I don’t feel like losing my boyfriend because I might have a stretchier hymen that didn’t need to be “popped”.

How could I make them all realize this without sounding like a know-it-all pervert?

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