‘I married a V!RGIN with a small manhood who knew nothing about se_x’


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am 25 and am having a problem. I have two children, but they are not for my husband. My husband and I are having se_xual problems. When we got married, he was a virg_in. He didn’t know anything about se_x. I had to teach him.

I told him when I met him that I was not good enough for him, because I started to have se_x when I was 17, and when I was 19, I got pre_gnant. I got pre_gnant again when I was 23, for a different man, then I became a Christian and I stopped sleeping with different guys.

My husband is 24, and when he told me he was a virg_in I didn’t believe him. Two days before we got married, we had se_x. And aunty, my husband’s peni_s is very, very small. Sometimes when we are having se_x my vagi_na makes a lot of noise. He asked me why it is making a lot of noise and I told him it is because his peni_s is too small.

Aunty, I am asking you, what can we do to solve this problem? This has never happened before when I was in the world and having se_x with other guys.

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