‘If I call and tell my boyfriend that I want to have some sex he always finds an excuse’


Dear Aunty Lisa

I have always read about you in the newspaper and think it’s best for me to write to you. I’m having a problem with my babyfather.

I’m 18 and he’s 27 years old. After I got pregnant, he was always around no matter what it was.

But since I became 18 in December, he has been moving very strange.

He doesn’t even relate to me the same way anymore. I’m six months pregnant and, the only thing he does is carry money to me whenever he has it.

We were always having sex, but I saw the changes on my birthday. Even if I call him and say that I want to have some sex, he would find some type of excuse for not coming.

He doesn’t even rub my belly or anything like that anymore. I’m tired of telling him money isn’t all; I need his comfort.

But no matter how hard I try with him, he always deals with me the same way. He never follows me to the clinic or to the hospital, and it’s not like he’s working at the moment.

When I asked why he doesn’t go with me to these places, he said he doesn’t like to travel.

One day when I called him he was out. When I saw him and asked him where he was, he said far away. I asked him more questions and he was like, “don’t question me”. Then again, he said he doesn’t like to travel, but he’s far away and couldn’t follow me to the hospital.

Pastor, I’m confused and stressed out. I am at my father’s house, and all they do is curse me and cause me to feel really down all the time.

He knows what I’m going through here, but he doesn’t even care. He doesn’t treat me any different from them. He wasn’t like that.

I need your advice as soon as possible. Thank you.

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