My girlfriend is very eager to have sex with me, but she wants me to get circumcised first — Help


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a 27-year-old man and I never had se_x, but I now have a girlfriend. She examined my peni_s, and she told me that I should be circumcised.

She is a nurse and she is two years older than I am. She told me it should not be painful and I would be able to keep my peni_s cleaner than now.

I have two brothers and they are not circumcised, either. We were all born at home, not in a hospital. My girlfriend is anxious to have se_x with me, but she wants me to be circumcised first.

When she was pulling down my briefs to examine me, I was fussing, but she told me that I should remember that she is a nurse and she has to take care of people, whether they are sick or healthy, so I should relax. She was touching it up and teasing me.

I am a Christian and that is why I am still a vir_gin. She is a Christian too, but she told me that she lost her virginity long ago. She wanted the experience.

My mother told me that it is time for me to have my own home and a wife because she wants to have grandchildren.

One of my brothers is a pastor and his wife is also studying to be a pastor. The other brother is not ready. He is still in high school.

Aunty, do you think I should follow the advice of my girlfriend and be circumcised?

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