‘Man masturbated while rubbing his huge manhood against my buttocks in crowded bus’


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am writing to you for your motherly advice. I was travelling on a Zupco bus. It was packed and I had to ask someone in the bus to hold my handbag for me. The woman looked honest, so I was not afraid to ask her to hold the bag.

A man was standing behind me and I could feel him coming up closer to me. I stepped away a little, but in a few minutes, I felt him again. But, Aunty, this man had a very strong erection and his pen_is was very big.

I began to feel him massaging my ass with his crotch, and eventually I could feel his pen_is rubbing against the back of my ass in rhythm. He even started panting. I could see in the mirror that he’d even draped his jacket over his crotch and had his hand there too.

I turned and look at him and he said, “Shhhhh.” I stopped the bus, took my bag from the woman and got off.

I would never go back on a bus that is so crowded again. Some of these men are too out of order.

What can the Government do about this?

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