‘The girl I used to send money slept with another man’


Dear Aunty Lisa

How are you? I like reading your column. It motivates me a lot. Anyway, I am asking for your advice. I am 33 years old and I am living in Namibia. I used to talk to a girl in Harare. I always send her money just to try and make sure that she could get what she needed, although she works you know Zimbabwean RTGS dollar is trash. We would talk every night before we go to bed.

One night she didn’t message me, so I messaged her but she didn’t reply. I called her cell phone but got no answer. I started to get worried. I tried to call her the following morning, and still no answer. I asked my friend in Harare to call her to see if she would answer his number, and she did.

Anyway, after I tried and tried to get through to her, she finally answered, and we had a long conversation. Her mouth slipped, and I found out that she went and slept with a guy. I stopped calling her, and I ended the relationship.

When we started the relationship, she said that she has never cheated before, and she will never cheat. Everyday that I think about it, I laugh because I learned in life that everything happens for a good reason. I have now found a nice teacher lady, and we are happy being together. We are trying to buy a house together.

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