‘My jobless brother is having sex with married woman, she gives him money’


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am 17 years old and I am living with my parents and a brother. My brother is 18 years old and he told me that he has a girlfriend. My brother is very brilliant.

His girlfriend is married, but her husband is not treating her well. He told me that when she was pregnant, he thumped her, so she hates him.

She is always talking to my brother and telling him how much she loves him. I told my brother that he should keep away from her, but he is still talking to her.

Aunty, I know that they had sex because my brother showed me the text that she sent to him. This woman’s husband is a bad man and I know that he would hurt my brother.

My brother is not working and she gives him money all the time. She works at a doctor’s office. I want her to leave my brother alone.

I called her on the phone, but I only asked her if she knew my brother. She tried to find out who was calling, but I did not say anything.

I told my brother what I did and he told me to keep out of his business. Do you think that I should not say anything anymore? This woman is about 38 years old.

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