PLEASE HELP: I’ve swallowed multiple pills trying to end my life, I’m extremely stressed out


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am writing this letter as I am deeply stressed and in need of financial help. I am 20 years old. I have been reading your column since I was 12 years old.

I am currently a university student. I am writing to you because I need your help.

Sometimes I feel like giving up because most times I don’t have the bus fare to go to school. Most times I go to school without eating.

I live with my mother, but she doesn’t have it to give me. She sells goods sometimes, but she doesn’t make much from it.

I am currently unemployed. I have sent out many applications and resumes but I haven’t gotten any calls. I am a very hard-working individual. I take my studies seriously.

Aunty, due to my financial situation and living condition, I have been suffering from depression for many years. At times, I want to commit suicide.

Each time I try, I fail in everything I do. I have even reached to the point where I tied a rope around my neck. I’ve swallowed multiple pills trying to end my life, but it didn’t work out.

I believe I have a purpose in life, but most times I get discouraged. I’m extremely stressed. At one point, I was thinking of going to the Mupfure river in Beatrice and drown myself, but I feel if I take my life, my mother would be in great pain.

I really want to help her financially but I am under great stress. Most times I am at home and I am very hungry. I feel so weak at times – emotionally, mentally and physically.

My body feels dead. I think about taking my life every single day. There’s not one day in which I don’t think about taking my life.

I am in need of a job. I am willing to work. If there’s any one out there that can help me, please do, I beg of you. I would be grateful Aunty, please help me.

I am typing with tears in my eyes. Please reply to me. I am literally at my ending point. I don’t know what to do. I am hurt, confused, abused and broken.

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