My girlfriend says she was a virgin but didn’t bleed or feel pain first time. Should I believe her?


Dear Aunty Lisa

My girlfriend said she was a virgin but when I slept over at her place, she got drunk and we had sex. She barely felt any pain and didn’t bleed at all but enjoyed it instead.

Even the second and third rounds, nothing. We had sex again yesterday and she wasn’t drunk. I asked her why she didn’t bleed the first time we had sex and she then blamed it on my finger, that a few months back when I was fingering her, she bled when she went back home. But I did not get blood on my finger that day.

She said the hymen tissue is a little stretchy and when you finger yourself or your partner fingers you, the hymen can stretch or break. She said I’m the only man she knew that’s why she’s convinced I’m the one who broke her virginity.

Should I believe her? How do I get her to say the truth? It’s not that I mind, but I don’t like lies.

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