‘Husband started ill-treating me few months after our wedding, he loved his mother more than me’


Hi Aunty Lisa

I am a single mother and three years ago I got married to a man I thought loved me.

But few months after our wedding he started mistreating me and today I am financially broke and heart broken and I am divorced.

We had good se_x but he loved watching porn. His mother was also a problem in our marriage as he listened to her more than me. He was a mummy’s boy and never respected our relationship. If I argued or asked him about anything, he would share everything with his mother.


Your life has not been easy, working and bringing up your child with little input from her father.

Added to which you have not really had the chance to have other relationships, so when this man entered your life, you were bowled over and thought you had a lovely future together.

You now have to cope with all those broken dreams as he turned out to be a million miles away from how he first appeared. It would be interesting to know what his past relationships were like.

I suspect that he has never treated women well, so even though you tried to be a loving wife, his old behaviour lingered on.

The important thing now is to rebuild your life.

If he gets back in touch and suddenly becomes the lovely man you thought he was, don’t be fooled — it won’t last.

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