PLEASE HELP: My mother is in love with Ben 10 lodger, this young man is enjoying my father’s wealth


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am 23 years old and I have a complain to make to you about my mother, who is 47 years old. The union between my father and my mother produced two children – my brother and I. My father was much older than my mother. He was married before, and his first wife died. He met my mother soon after his wife died. After a hurricane romance, they got married.

My mother never worked. My father, who was a businessman, took care of her. As my father got old, he couldn’t drive. He employed a driver. My brother and I suspected that our mother was having an affair with the driver. My brother threatened my mother that he will tell our dad that she was having an affair. He and my mother got into a heated argument over it, and I took his side. So my mother did not talk to me for a while, but I did not care.

One day, the guy did not turn up for work. We suspected that our mother told him not to come back. My father died and left two houses. My mother rented one, and the one that she is living in, she rented a part of it. People are saying that she is living with the man who has rented the small side.

I love my mother, but I don’t give her money because my father has provided for her. And this young man she has as her lover is enjoying my father’s wealth from his hard work. When he came to live at the house, he had a girlfriend. She went away and now my mother is doing everything for him; washing, cleaning his apartment and cooking. She is much older than this guy.

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What this guy is paying for rent is very small, and my mother refuses to raise the rent on him. The house needs to be repaired. We told her to give the guy notice so that the house can be repaired, but she refuses to do so. And we suspect that the only reason she is not raising the rent or give the guy notice is because he is her man.

Aunty, tell us how to go about getting this man out of the house and getting our mother to change. Everybody in the neighbourhood knows what she is doing.

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