'My mother wants money from me every week, she cursed my wife with bad words. I am so embarrassed'


Dear Aunty Lisa,

I am a regular reader of the Ask Aunty Lisa column. I can say that I am one of your fans. I am 35 years old. I got married about three years ago to a beautiful girl, but my family members don't like her.

She is an uptown girl and she does not like the crowd to be in and out of her place. My mother and my siblings live in the inner city. Every week, my mother wants money from me.

I told her not to come to my workplace and she stopped for a few weeks, then started again. I am so embarrassed. I moved from where I was living and my mother found out my new address and came there. It is a gated community, and when my wife heard who was there to see her, she went out and gave my mother RTGS$200 on my behalf, and told her that she will not give her any more money.

My mother, I was told, cursed some 'bad words'. I came home late from work and my wife broke down and cried. My wife is pregnant and my mother told her that she doesn't love her, and that the child she is carrying is for another man.

I had to console my wife that night, and I told her that is not the way how I feel. She kept crying and it was difficult to console her. I know my wife will never love my mother. My wife is of very dark complexion and my mother called her a 'black b!tch'.

I have sisters and they don't work; they rely on men to support them. I know I can make it in Zimbabwe, but because of my parents and other family members, I am going to leave Zimbabwe because they destroyed my family.

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