PLEASE HELP: I was raped and now I am pregnant, I'm not ready to have a baby


Dear Aunty Lisa,

Good day. I was raped and now I am pregnant. I know who did it and I thought about reporting it at the police station, but I did not because I was too depressed about the way it happened.

Also, I did not want to go through the stress of going to court, because I already have a matter before the court. When it happened, I took contraceptives but they did not work.

I found out recently, after I missed my period and I took a pregnancy test.

Now I don't know what to do. I am not ready for a child, and I don't want to do an abortion unless it is legal. But I would have to report it and follow the procedures.

I can't carry a child right now, especially because I was raped, and because of the kind of father the child would have. How could I live with a child I was not prepared for?

I am currently seeking a job, as my contract ends at the end of June and will not be extended. I have sent out a lot of job applications and an agency is assisting me in finding a job.

But if I carry this child, I may not get a job. I have received a call for a job and I went on an interview and I was accepted. I did not start working because the salary that they were offering was really insufficient; I would have been underpaid.

Some nights I couldn't sleep when I remembered how I was raped. I don't know how I will sleep now knowing that I am pregnant. I had my whole life planned and goals to move ahead.

I know carrying a child will slow things down. I want to know how I should go about terminating the pregnancy legally because I was raped.

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