‘I have never been shown true love in my life, I just need someone who will treat me right’


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am writing for the first time, but I am a frequent reader of your column. I am a 35-year-old woman who was never shown love as a child. I started dating when I was 19, and I had my daughter at 25. I am, however, going through a trauma. I can’t find love, aunty.

My first relationship didn’t work, so I moved on. I wasn’t feeling any love. I have been in a relationship for five years, but it’s not going anywhere. I travel overseas to work, and I met a guy a month ago. He treats me well, but he belongs to someone else. It’s a short-term relationship, but I have never been treated so well. It’s now killing me that this man will soon be leaving to go back to his family.

I told him I wasn’t interested in a short-term relationship. However, I fell for him. Aunty, I am having constant headaches. I am so stressed and depressed. Sometimes I wonder if God forgets me. I just feel like I don’t want to live anymore. I have been a pretender all my life. Everybody thinks I am happy, but I am always hurting. I just need someone who loves me and who will treat me right.

I am not sure I did a good job in summarising my story, but I am willing to give you a call in case you need more information before assessing my situation. I am desperately awaiting your response. God bless you.

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