Woman disappeared with my two months’ rent money. She gave me a fake name — Help!


Dear Aunty Lisa

I live in Masvingo. I rented a room to a woman. The name she used is not her real name, but I did not know. Everyday she went out as if she was going to work.

She told me that she worked at a bank. One day I asked her what is the name of her bank and she told me. I did not say anything.

I have an account at that bank, so I wanted to change a cheque. I went to that bank and asked for her and they told me nobody was working there by that name. I described her and they told me that they didn’t know her.

This girl goes to church, but it is a different church from the one I attend. One Sunday I went there and I saw her. I asked one of the men what was her name. He gave me her name and asked what the problem was.

I asked him if she has a pet name and he said no, but that name he gave me is her real name. She saw me and I waved to her and left.

When she came home, she told me she saw me and I told her that I enjoyed the service. I told her also that I went to the bank where she told me she worked, but they told me that she didn’t work there. She said that I was trying to get her fired.

Pastor, after a week passed, she moved out owing me two months’ rent. And I don’t know where she turned. I went back to the church and nobody could tell me where she was.

She is nothing but a crook. I don’t know where she goes during the day, but it doesn’t seem as if she works.

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