PLEASE HELP: My beautiful wife is staying with another man in my house while I rot in jail


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am writing to you from Chikurubi prison. I am here because I am serving time for something wrong I did. I am sorry about it, but while I am here, I am learning to be a better person. I have a few years to go before I am released. I am worried because I have left behind three children and a beautiful wife.

My wife promised that she would remain true to me, but she is failing. She is having a relationship with another guy and he is sleeping at my house that I struggled so much to build. My wife has admitted that the guy visits her. She says that they don’t have sex because she respects me as her husband. But it is hard for me to accept that a guy would visit a woman, especially a pretty woman like my children’s mother, and not have sex with her.

Do you think that is possible? She does not come to see me as often as she used to. This also makes me believe that this man is occupying her time. I told my wife not to allow the man to come back to the house, but I heard he is still going there. I still love her, but this man that she has is giving me sleepless nights.


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