‘I had wild s3x with my friend’s mom, she’s now pregnant, I don’t want to be a dad at my age’


Dear Aunty Lisa

I HAVE been having wild s3x with my best friend’s mum. Now she’s pregnant, I’m in a mega panic. I’m 17, like my mate. We hang out together in school and play football for the same team at the weekends. His mum is 38 and divorced.

My mate sings with a band and is aiming to get on a TV talent show. I’ve no musical talent, but enjoy cooking.

One evening I was joking with my mate about it when his mum said she’d give me some cookery lessons because she used to work in a hotel kitchen.

I started going round there on Wednesday nights when my mate rehearses with his band and his mum would teach me how to bake something new.

One day a sponge layer cake I’d made worked out amazingly and she flung her arms around me in excitement. Before I thought about it, I looked down at her and kissed her.

I couldn’t believe I’d been so bold. I’ve never even been with a girl before but my mate’s mum is very pretty and s3xy.

She pushed me away, looked into my eyes, and then pulled me towards her to kiss again. She said, “Why don’t I give you some different tutoring tonight?”

She led me to her bedroom and started undressing me, then told me to help her. I pulled her dress off and she looked incredible. We kissed and caressed, got into bed and she took my virginity.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her. We had s3x on five different occasions after that. It wasn’t planned, it just happened.

Today, she told me she’s pregnant. I’m horrified. I don’t want to be a dad at my age, but she seems set on having it. My parents will kill me and I will have to tell my mate I fathered his little brother or sister. It’s such a mess.

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