My girlfriend still loves her ex-boyfriend. What should I do?


Dear Aunty Lisa

I read Ask Aunty Lisa column often every time I get a chance. I have been with this girlfriend for nearly three months now. We met and became interested in each other from day one. It was love at first sight. She is very cute, but I don’t trust her.

While getting to know each other, she would often mention about a guy who is in South Africa who she is still in love with, and another guy who is in Bulawayo. She calls the guy in Bulawayo her ex boyfriend. She talks a lot about this man, and she still keeps in contact with him.

The fact that I am serious about us being together, I thought that she would have moved from that stage, but she hasn’t. She even calls him to let her mother talk to him. She is very jealous and gets upset about girls I put on my ‘profile’. Her mom doesn’t know about me and her ex doesn’t know that I am in her life now.

I really don’t feel comfortable about it. But she says her ex and herself are ordinary friends now, so I told her that when she is really serious about me, she needs to let her ex know. So, I have decided to leave her until she has made up her mind.

Do you think I am wrong in doing so?

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