‘My son caught my wife red-handed in bed with our lodger while I was in hospital’


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am writing to you Aunty because I am having serious problems. I am married and I have two children, but these children were with my first wife. I am 65 years old, and my present wife is 35. My first wife died four years ago.

I am very active in popular prophet’s church, so I decided to get married again.

My children live in UK, but I am close to them. They are all boys. I am what people may call a ‘well-off’ man.

I have a house in leafy suburb in Harare. It has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, and I also have an apartment in CBD that is rented.

My wife convinced me to rent part of the house. She introduced a man as a prospective tenant and we rented part of the house to him. He was about 35 years old. He became a part of the family.

But people started to whisper to me that this man is giving me help with my wife.

I did not believe what they were saying. I became ill and was in the hospital for two weeks and one of my sons flew into the country unexpectedly.

He went to the house before coming to see me in the hospital and saw my wife with the young man in bed.

The tenant did not know my son. The bedroom door was open. When my son called and switched the lights on, the young man jumped up and challenged my son.

My wife was only in her G-string panty and he was in his underpants, so she was shocked. She got up and then sat down on the bed and said to the tenant, “He is my husband’s son”.

She put on her house dress and told my son that she wasn’t feeling well and she called the guy to help her.

When my son told me what he saw, my blood pressure (BP) went up higher than it was. I didn’t know my wife would cheat on me.

Now she is saying that my son made up stories on her. My son would not lie on her. Now my two sons are telling me to divorce her.

I went to see a lawyer. When I am at home, I find myself not wanting to eat anything from her. I have asked her to leave. She is asking me for thousands of bond notes.

I will not give her a cent. The young man has already left. My sons plan to get an older woman to take care of me. I may just pack up and leave and settle abroad.

I would like you to give me your advice and I thank you in advance.

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