HELP: I developed funny symptoms 5 weeks after having yekedero se_x with a woman with BIG buttocks


Dear Aunty Lisa

My problem goes like so, when I was in Bulawayo few months ago I stupidly had unprotected lula lula (se_x) with a curvy woman whose status I did not know. I was only attracted by her big backside.

I then developed some funny symptoms about five to six weeks later. I googled the symptoms which was a very very big mistake as HIV flashed up.

So I went for an HIV test and full STD screen at a private clinic. The results were all negative, however my sore throat continued.

So at eight weeks I sheepishly returned and got another HIV test, again, the results came out negative. My symptoms have been ongoing though and at around ten weeks my lymph nodes in my groin started swelling. I again decided on an HIV test at eleven weeks which was negative again.

However, I have had a rash and a fever but keep coming up negative. The HIV counsellor told me there was no chance I could have HIV after all these tests. He said one can only be HIV-positive if a test proves it. I’m still worried as to why all these things are cropping up, would you have any advice on what to do?

Please help!

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