I had crazy se_x with my boyfriend in shower during my period. Is there anything wrong with that?


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a 19 year old girl and I have a boyfriend who is almost 19, and every weekend we spend time together.

We started innocently by just meeting as social friends because we like each other’s company. But then, we spent more and more time together.

He comes to our house because I live with my mother and she works during weekends. She goes out early Saturday mornings and she doesn’t come home until about six on Sunday.

My boyfriend comes to our house and we have se_x. One day he came and I told him that we couldn’t have se_x because I was seeing my period.

He started to play with my brea_sts and I was turned on. So, we went into the bathroom and had se_x under the shower.

It was a crazy thing to do. We said that we would not make the period prevent us from having a good time.

I told one of my friends what we did and she said I was nasty, because when a woman is seeing her period, she should not have se_x.

Is there anything wrong with that? My boyfriend put on the cond0m, so why is that nasty?

Please answer my letter.

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