'I'm secretly having amazing se_x with my garden boy, he is very good in bed'


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am in my late 50s, but I still enjoy reading your column. When I don't have money for data to open your website I feel so angry.

Aunty, at my age, not many things bother me, because I have my 3 children who are supporting me financially. Two of them live abroad; one in Australia and one in London, and the other one is here in Zimbabwe. They send me money every month. The one who lives here in Zimbabwe doesn't have much, you know the situation under this clueless government there are no jobs, but he is at the house to see me every weekend.

I have a male friend, and he helps me a lot. He cuts the lawn waters the garden. But, he is more than my garden boy. He keeps me happy. I have a little room at the backyard cottage. I keep it clean for him. I have a friend, and she asked me who occupies that cottage room. When I told her that it was my garden boy, she laughed. She suspects that he does more than the gardening work, but I didn't want to tell her. My children accept that he is just my garden boy.

Aunty, I don't sleep with him every night, but sometimes I feel for a little bit of loving and I go down to the room or invite him up. Honestly speaking, this man is very good in bed and has got a very big anaconda. My children don't know that he is my boyfriend.

This man is not married, and he doesn't have a girlfriend of his own. Everything I have belongs to my children. This house was their father's house. I wanted to write a long time to tell you about my problem, so please answer me.

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