‘I refused to sleep with my sister’s husband and this is what he told my sister’


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am a 16-year-old girl and on Xmas day I will be 17. I started having lula lula (se_x) when I was 15. I live in Harare with my mother and stepfather. My older sister lives with her husband in Bulawayo. I used to go and spend time with my sister, but now I don’t go anymore.

My sister has a baby and I used to babysit. Her husband asked me to have se_x with him one evening when my sister was not at home. He is 29. I told him no and when my sister came home I told her about it.

She asked him about it and he called me a liar and turned the tables against me. He said that since I have been coming there I was the one asking him for se_x. He told her that when I sit down I don’t sit properly, I expose myself and he can see my underwear.

Aunty, this is not so. My sister said she does not know who to believe. I told her she could believe him. That night I could not sleep; the following morning I asked her for money to go home. She gave it to me and I have never gone back to Bulawayo since then.

I told my mother what happened and she cursed my sister and said I should never visit them again.

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