PLEASE HELP: ‘Whenever my wife is not at home her elder sister walks into our bedroom nak_ed’


Dear Aunty Lisa

My name is Mike and I have been married for three years but I am not enjoying my marriage at all. It is not as if my wife is the problem but her elder sister who came to live with us last year after she broke up with her husband. From what I heard, she was caught with another man on her matrimonial bed and her husband sent her packing with their three children.

But since she came in, my sister-in-law has done everything possible to get me to bed but I have been able to resist all her attempts but in recent times, she is making life difficult for me and has vowed to make sure she gets what she wants even if it means breaking my home.

Whenever my wife is not around, this shameless woman would even walk into our bedroom nak_ed and tries to force me to sleep with her. I have spoken with my wife of the need to get her sister her own apartment but my wife thinks I do not like her sister.

I can’t bring myself to tell her all her sister has done to get me to have sex with her because she may not believe me. I discussed with some friends and some of them have suggested I give the woman what she wants if that will make her leave me alone but I am not sure I would want to do that.

How do I get my sister-in-law off my back?

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