‘I’m having serious problems with my boyfriend. When it comes to se_x, he is very demanding’

Dear Aunty Lisa
I am 20 years old and I have a lover. We are staying together. He is 30 years old. He is working, but I am still in school. He is a businessman and I assist him with his paperwork, because I love to do accounting.
I am having a problem with his ex-girlfriend. She will not leave him alone. He told her that the relationship is over, but she hates me, because she said that if I didn’t come into the picture, they would still be together. He took her with one child, but they don’t have any kids together.
She is very vulg_ar and talks loudly, while he is a soft-spoken person. He asked her to leave after staying together for six months. They broke up and I came in to the picture. She believes that we were friends when she was living with him, but that wasn’t so at all.
We have been together for one year and five months now. My parents like him very much. I came to live with him to ease the pressure at home. There are seven of us living at home, but there are only two rooms.
I’m having serious problems with my boyfriend. When it comes to se_x, he is very demanding and he likes to have his own way. He likes when I do oral se_x on him. One day, when he forced me, I bit him but it was not a big bite. He slapped me and told me that I knew that that is what he likes, and if I don’t like it, I should go back home.
I begged him pardon, because I did not want to hurt him. I will never go back home. Life is much better for me now. I like when he does oral se_x to me, but he wants me to do it to him all the time.
Please tell me how I can get this relationship to last and not do all the kinky things he wants me to do. I would like us to get married and go to church.

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