‘My late husband’s close friend wants to have se_x with me’


Dear Aunty Lisa

Your column has helped me for many years. It is two years now since I lost my husband. I am 40 years old and he was 64 when he died. We were married for ten years. We didn’t have children together. He had two and I got one before we got married. We had a good marriage. He was a good husband to me. And the children always spent Christmas Day with us.

When my husband became ill, he prepared his will and told me where it was. I am very comfortable. Sometimes I feel like I am longing for a man, but I shower and help myself, and the feelings go away. I don’t want any man to disturb me. This house is for the children and I; nobody can move me from here.

My husband left me in a comfortable position and I am still working.

I am disgusted by some of the men who say they were his friends. They keep calling me and inviting me out. Some of them say they would like to spend some time with me, but I know what they are after, aunty.

One of the men, who is the executor of my husband’s will, said if I would have se_x with him, I wouldn’t have to give him his portion, according to law, as an executor. I can’t even tell the children what he said that to me because they respect him and they would be very upset to know that he is trying to have a relationship with me.

Suddenly, these days he is telling me that he and his wife are not getting along. I told him that I am too old to be getting fooled by a man.

Before I got married, my greatest fear was that this man that I love so much may die and leave me alone, and that is what happened. He has gone. I don’t think I will ever get married again.

I don’t want to insult this man, but he won’t take no for an answer. So tell me what you think I should do. I think if I accept his love proposal it would be betraying my late husband.

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