PLEASE HELP: My husband wants se_x early in the morning, mid-morning, afternoon and late at night


Dear Aunty Lisa

I love your column so much. This is my first time to write to you. I don’t always agree with what you or people say.

I am a young woman who believes in Christ. My husband and I got married seven months ago.

He was not a Christian, but when he met me, he became a Christian and I told him we could not have lula lula (se_x) until we are married, and he agreed.

One night before we got married, he begged me for se_x. I took off the engagement ring and gave it to him. He asked why, and I reminded him that we would not have se_x until we were married. He said that he would “never buy a pair of shoes without trying it”.

I told him to take me home right away. He scolded me when I was getting out of his car and told me that I would be sorry that I did not agree to have lula lula with him.

That was exactly a month before our wedding. I thought the relationship had gone up in smoke. At about 0500hrs he called me begging pardon, and I told him we could meet late in the day.

We met and he gave me back the ring and told me that everything would be all right. We had a lovely wedding.

Now the Devil wants to destroy the marriage. My husband wants se_x in the morning, mid-morning, midday, in the afternoon and late at nights, and I cannot keep up sometimes.

We both work, but on Saturday mornings when I want to get up and wash, he holds me down in bed for more se_x.

I used to have se_x before I became a Christian. It was an old man that I used to have se_x with, but my husband is 30 and I am 27.

Satan wants me and my husband to have oral se_x.

Some Christians say that nothing is wrong with it, but I believe that my mouth is for eating and not for having se_x.

I feel that because my husband loves oral se_x so much he is going to cheat on me.

What do you think about oral se_x?

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