PLEASE HELP: I had se_x with my boyfriend’s best friend, he gave me ZW$3 000


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am 20 years old and I am a staunch reader of Ask Aunty Lisa column. I have a boyfriend, and he has a friend who he calls his best friend. He asked his best friend to do something for me, and while we were together, his best friend told me how much he likes me and that I must not tell my boyfriend what we talked about. I told him that I could not promise him that, but then I told him I wouldn’t tell my boyfriend what it is.

He told me that he would love to have hard-core se_x with me even if he would have to pay for it. I told him that he was crazy. He told me that he always admires the way I walk and I have an enticing body. He said that he doesn’t have to have interc0urse with me, he would pay me just to have romance with me. I told him I would think about it, but I didn’t mean it when I told him so.

Every time he saw me after that, he asked me if I was still thinking about it. Last month my boyfriend was retrenched from his job, and the rent needed to be paid. We did not have any money at all, so I called this man and asked him if the deal still stands and he said yes. So, I told him to move up the amount from ZW$2 000 to ZW$3 000. He asked if I was serious and I told him yes.

I needed the money, and I was also testing him to see if he would go through with it. He picked me up during my lunch time, and I asked him for the money; he pulled out ZW$3 000. I was nervous because I have never cheated on my boyfriend, but there was no money in the house. He did not have any c0nd0m, so I refused to have se_x with him. He left me in the room and went for c0nd0ms and came back.

I told him I changed my mind. He started to quarrel. I told him that he is not my boyfriend’s friend at all, because a friend wouldn’t do that to a friend. He told me that I am wrong because he knows that my boyfriend had se_x with another girl. I was so shocked to hear that.

Finally, I agreed to have se_x with him and as soon as he entered me, he discharged. Then he wanted to have oral se_x with me and I refused. I already had his money in my bag, and I told him that I had to get back to work. I was 10 minutes late.

My conscience is bothering me. I feel real bad. I was able to pay some of the bills. I lied to my boyfriend that I took a salary advance. I feel so guilty, and this guy is still my boyfriend’s friend and he is still coming to the house and smiling with me. Should I tell my boyfriend about it? Please help me, I need your advice.

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