‘My husband loves se_x even when I’m on my period. Is lula lula the main reason a man gets married?’


Dear Aunty Lisa

I am 23 years old. I will be 24 in September. My husband is 35 years old. I got married in April last year and my husband has se_x with me every night.

Even when I am seeing my period he wants me to have se_x with him. When I complain, he says that the main reason he married me is to have se_x and nothing else.

I asked my husband if he did love me when he married me and he said yes, but he loves other girls just the same. He chose me because I am more attractive than the other girls.

Aunty, is se_x the only reason a man gets married?

Sometimes I have to pretend as if I am sick, especially when I am seeing my period, to get my husband to leave me alone. I am not short on anything. What can I do?

Sometimes I wish that he would eat less. He has so much energy for a big man and he drinks a lot of roots. Some girls are not getting enough; I am getting more than enough.

Sometimes I am afraid to go into bed because I know what is waiting on me.

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