‘I slept with my garden boy & sired a child with him, last night my husband requested for DNA test’


Dear Aunty Lisa

I got married to my husband at the age of 25. We decided not to have kids in our first year of marriage. We both loved the idea, as it gave us enough time to organise our future.

I felt lucky to marry him because I’m loved by every member of his family. He is equally rich so I had all a lady could ever need in marriage.

The year was finally over so it was time for us to have kids. We tried making babies for the first 6 months without success. So we had to consult a medical practitioner. On getting to his office he counselled us, told us to be patient and asked us to return after three months.

We returned to him as instructed. He did some series of test and recommended some drugs. But after some time we got tired of relying on doctors and decided to wait on God.

A friend of mine who knew what was going on gave me an advice that changed my whole story. She asked me to have carnal knowledge with my garden boy. At first I refused, but she insisted that’s the quickest way to get a child. Since I don’t want to lose my husband to another lady, I agreed to her words.

At first, seducing my garden boy was difficult, but after I promised to increase his salary he finally accepted. I only slept with him twice, next I got preg_nant. My husband was at work when I put to bed. He was excited when he heard the news, unknown to him the baby was not his.

Nemesis caught up with me when I finally put to bed. It started at the hospital when my husband was called to see his baby. I notice the look on his face, but I kept mum hoping he will react. But he kept quiet, smiled, and took me home.

Last night he broke his silence and requested for a DNA test. My heart almost came out of my mouth. It dawned on me that I’ve been caught, but I insisted he’s his child. After much arguments we agreed to see a doctor in a week time.

I’m totally confused. I thought I was doing him good by giving him a child, but my good has become evil. I don’t know if I’m to secretly plan with the doctor or run away before he finds out. Anyone with similar experience should please tell me what to do.

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