Prophet TB Joshua's prophecy on Morgan Tsvangirai


When Morgan Tsvangirai visited Prophet TB Joshua the last time before elections, I watched the whole TB Joshua sermon on that day. It centred on Joseph who was sold out by his brothers to the Egyptians. Now the word spread by the brothers was that Joseph had died and all believed and a funeral was held.

The brothers sold their gospel until their father agreed and wrote off Joseph in his mind. After some years Joseph became a slave in Egypt until one day he bacame the Prime Minister in the land that persecuted him, in the land where he was sold into. The Prophet indicated that no one ever took Joseph for Prime Minister material but because he was chosen by God he eventually ruled Egypt.

It was the pressure that Joseph went through after being sold out that made him stronger and to be leadership material. Steel passes through high temperatures and it eventually becomes a strong product afterwards, liked by many. The Prophet further indicated that Joseph’s brothers under-rated him not knowing what God had put in him.

When TB Joshua gave this sermon, Tsvangirai was seated on the front row in that church. One need to ask himself or herself this question, was it a coincidence that the Prophet of God gave this sermon when our President was in their midst that day? I have been following TB Joshua from as far as 10 years ago and i know him. He doesn’t give sermons for fun.

All his sermons target certain individuals, especially high ranking individuals that day. This Joyce Banda of Malawi had her own sermon which was preached and I watched it and I knew that she was not going to win. She was told to groom someone for leadership but i think she thought it was going to be after she had won the elections but some of us who know TB Joshua knew already kuti chatochaya panaMadam Banda.

Now as for our President (of the MDC), he was persecuted by Zimbabwe and for Zimbabwe. He has been sold out now by Tendai Biti, Elton Mangoma and previously by Welshman Ncube. But as the sermon goes, he will eventually rule Zimbabwe. TB Joshua gave this prophecy for the President and I don’t know if the President knew that it was meant for him.

As things stand the President has been held hostage by his brothers in the struggle as Joseph was also sold by his brothers as a slave into the hands of the enemy. Joseph never took it personal when the brothers came to him to ask for food after their land was hit by a massive drought. Their father sent them to ask food from him not knowing that he was the very person they had sold out many years ago.

Joseph revealed to them that he was the one they had regarded dead and sold out to this land where he is now the Prime Minister and in control of a bumper harvest. I didnt realise that the sermon was going to be just on spot. If one looks at the recent happenings in our movement one will notice that Biti’s moves are a fulfilment of a prophecy by this Great Man of God, Prophet TB Joshua.

Now my message to the People’s President is: “remain strong and resolute Mr President. God knows why this is happening. God told you in that TB Joshua sermon that you will eventually rule Zimbabwe. When you take the reigns at Statehouse, I ask you Mr President not to take it personal with Biti, Mangoma, Ncube, Madhuku and the rest, including those in Zanu PF.

This is what God wants you to do; To forgive them, but after the victory that is certainly coming.” Now to all machinja lets rally behind the real President…Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai chikara cheZanu….lets not relax nokuti the devil is watching us lest we fall into temptation and lose the blessing that is coming our way.

Nicholas Musiwa is an MDC activist who can be contacted on

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